Division Guidelines


Score Sheet and Scoring Rubrics Clarifications

Safety and Stunt Legality Clarifications

Haley Thomas


Band Dance

Teams should demonstrate spirit and enthusiasm while entering the performance floor and before the music begins. A cue will not be given to start the Band Dance. Once the music begins, the teams cannot incorporate any skills other than kicks and jumps. Squads should utilize spirit raising props and focus on creative movements such as level changes or ripples, execution of the material and encouraging the crowd to participate.


Following the Band Dance, the announcer will provide a cue for offense or defense. Teams should wait until the announcer finishes the cue and show the proper response to the game day situation. Squads should focus on crowd effectiveness, motion technique and skills relevant to a game day environment. Please review skill restrictions.


Crowd Leading

Crowd Leading can include a cheer reflective of a timeout, general sideline / spell-out or other cheer material with minimal words, inciting a response and encouraging a crowd to yell along. Teams should incorporate spirit props and practical skills (stunts and/or tumbling, if the division allows).

Fight Song

The final element should reflect your school’s traditional Fight Song. Teams should incorporate crowd effective skills (stunts and/or tumbling, if the division allows) and can include spirit raising props to enhance the overall effect.


Game Day Examples

Mascot Examples

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