Rec Team Guidelines

Safety Certifications

Click HERE to visit the Rec coaches required certifications page and learn more about certifications.

These certifications will give you the base knowledge you will need to coach a team safely and effectively. This is especially important for those with minimal cheer experience who are stepping into a coaching role. It will also provide peace of mind to parents that you are qualified to be instructing their children.

Cheerleading continues to push boundaries, and with that comes the need for heightened awareness for athlete safety. However, no matter how safe you are, accidents can still happen. In the event a family may try to pursue legal action, having the proper certifications may provide additional liability protection for you.

Credentialing is important simply because the training and resources provided are valuable. No matter how long you have cheered, there is always more to learn to make sure we continue building a safe and reputable sport. 

Rec Team CriteriaRevised 6/27/2023

2023-24 Rec Handbook COMING SOON!

Rec Handbook

ALL Rec programs who plan to compete or participate in any OCCA event (including OCCA One Day Team Clinics) must complete the OCCA Rec Team Information Form.

This is an annual requirement. Only one form per program is required. 

OCCA Rec Team Info Form2023-2024

Does your Rec team share practice space with a high school team?

Any Rec team that splits practice space with a high school program, must complete a Shared Facility request for the OSAA.