High School Coaches Requirements

If your certifications are NOT completed by August 14th, you should not be coaching until they are complete. Coaches that are not properly certified and are holding practices, are not compliant by OSAA standards of certifications for cheerleading, and could face a fine to their program.

Required Certifications

Fundamentals of Coaching
One time 

Concussion in Sports
Annual - Recertify every year

Heat Illness Prevention
Quadrennial - Recertify every 4 years

Appearance and Performing Enhancing Drugs and Substance Training
Quadrennial - Recertify every 4 year

*Spirit Safety Workshop
Annual - Recertify every year

Please click HERE for all available courses
*The updated 2023-24 Spirit Safety Workshop will be available in August

If you have questions, please email Kelly Foster at OSAA, kellyf@osaa.org. You may have additional district requirements that you are specifically required to complete, you should be checking with your athletic director to be sure you are set.