Tumbling Coaches Certification Requirements

Including Tumbling Instructors at a gym

Certifications must be complete by August 14th. Tumbling instructors are required to follow this date requirement.

Teams should NOT be attending tumbling classes with any instructors who are NOT certified as of August 14th. As soon as the certifications are complete, you may resume tumbling classes. At this time, USAF Credentials do not satisfy OSAA requirements. 

‚ÄčIf you have questions, please email Kelly Foster at OSAA, kellyf@osaa.org.

There may be additional district requirements that are required. Coaches should be checking with their Athletic Director's.

*Required Certifications:

  • Fundamentals of Coaching - One time requirement
  • Concussion in Sports - Annual, required every year
  • Heat Illness Prevention - Quadrennial,¬† required every 4 years
  • Appearance and Performance Enhancing Drugs and Substances Training - Quadrennial, required every 4 years
  • Spirit Safety Workshop - Annual, required every year (tumbling specific)

All certification courses can be found at: http://www.osaa.org/spirit-safety

*the ONLY exception to this rule: If you as the coach do not require the tumbling class, do not coordinate the tumbling class, do not have communication to the specific gym or tumbling instructor, or do not have anything regarding tumbling classes listed in any documents related to the cheer program.