Rec Team Guidelines

All Rec coaches are required to complete the OSAA Spirit Safety Workshop annually.

Click HERE to visit the Rec coaches required certifications page and learn more about certifications.

Rec Team Criteria

Competition Coordinator's are responsible for ensuring all Rec coaches are properly certified to compete.

It is at the discretion of the hosting competition director what divisions they want to offer.
​Small and large, as well as all-girl and coed divisions, may be combined where registration is low, at the discretion of the hosting competition director.

2021-22 Rec Handbook

Rec Handbook

ALL Rec programs who plan to compete or participate in ANY OCCA or OSAA event (including OCCA One Day Team Clinics) must complete the OCCA Rec Team Information Form.

This is an annual requirement. Only one form per program is required. 

OCCA Team Info Form

Does your Rec. team share practice space with a high school team?

Any Rec. team that splits practice space with a high school program, must complete a Shared Facility request for the OSAA.