Rules & Guidelines

High School Cheerleading teams in Oregon follow the NFHS rule book. In addition to the NFHS rule book High School cheerleading teams must adhere to the rules set forth by the OSAA. Every year each coach should print a new copy of the OSAA handbook as well as the OSAA cheerleading handbook.  It is important to check these handbooks when you have questions about rules, eligibility, etc.
OSAA Cheerleading Handbook:
Required Certifications:
OCCA Competition Handbook: 2020-21 Handbook
Recreational Teams follow the NFHS rules with the exception of basket tosses, sponge tosses, elevator tosses, or similar multi based tosses. Recreational Programs must also meet the established criteria set by OCCA to compete as a recreational team in Oregon.  For more information regarding recreational programs, click HERE
All-Star Teams should refer to USASF for all criteria, rules, and safety information: