Saturday, November 9th, 2019
Thurston High School

Mission of All State

The OCCA All State Competition is an OSAA Sanctioned Competition. It is held annually and is open to 1A-6A varsity athletes. Schools can enter participants in the following divisions: female individual, male individual, female group stunt, coed group stunt and partner stunt. The event goals include: recognition of the athletic skills of varsity athletes in the activity of cheerleading in the State of Oregon and to raise money for OCCA scholarships.

Overview of Event

The 2019 All State Competition will take place on Saturday, November 9th at Thurston High School. Admission is $6 (ages 4+) and concessions and vendors are available for additional purchases.

Registration Information

  • OCCA Membership - Coaches must be a member of the OCCA in order for athletes to be eligible to compete
  • Membership forms must be postmarked no later than Monday, October 28, 2019
    • There will be a $50.00 LATE fee assessed for all late coaches memberships and entries
  • Mailed Registration forms and Payment must be postmarked no later than Monday, October 28, 2019
    • Mail to: Katie Underwood, OCCA All State Director 100 Wedgewood Dr Eugene, OR 97404
    • Payment must be received with registration in order for participants to be eligible to compete
    • Payment will not be accepted at the event
  • All emailed registration forms and PayPal payments must be received by Wednesday, October 30
  • Requests for lineup placements will not be accepted. We have hundreds of performances. Please be flexible
  • Late entries may be accepted if space allows. There will be a $50.00 late fee
  • Cancellations - if, for any reason (illness, injury, etc.) you must drop a competitor from the competition, please notify Katie Underwood immediately ( There will be no refunds


All athletes will learn a designated cheer and dance prior to arriving at All-State.  

  • The dance and cheer choreography will be available on the OCCA website exactly one month prior to the All-State Competition (10/9/19). 
  • We will also be putting a link on YouTube. 
  • An MP3 of the music will be available as well.
  • For all individuals, athletes will be placed in random order and they will compete one at a time. There will only be one round for Individuals.
  • Athletes have 35 seconds to complete their “entrance skills” which can be done in any order. The entrance skills are:
    • Running Tumbling
    • Standing Tumbling
    • Jumps to Tumbling
      • Please refer to the rubric for jump requirements
  • Timing starts from the moment they touch the mat and ends when they complete their final entrance skill. There will be a 3 point deduction for athletes who take more than 35 seconds.
  • Athlete performs the dance and cheer that they have learned previously online.
  • Athlete will spirit off the mat once dance and cheer have been performed.
  • The score sheet for the All-State Individuals is available on the OCCA website.

Tumbling Requirements:

  • Male only division no back handspring requirements
  • 1A-3A no back handspring requirements
  • 4A Back handspring required in either standing or running tumbling
  • 5A Back handspring required in standing and running tumbling
  • 6A A tuck is required in either standing or running tumbling

It is recommended, but not required, that all competitors meet the following minimum skill requirements:

  • Level Jumps
  • Proficient in Dance Ability
  • Sharp Motion Technique
  • Superior Projection & Crowd Leading Ability

One All-State team* will be chosen for each of the following divisions: Male, 1-3A; 4A; 5A; 6A. (Divisions may be combined if there are less than 10 participants in any division, except for the male division.)

It is advised and recommended that the compulsory All-State routine not be used after All-State.